The Okanagan Archive Trust Society

brings together the works of the Okanagan’s most prolific photographers, photographers who plied their trade from before the turn of the century until the present.

The Society receives donations of archival material important to this area on a regular basis. The tireless volunteers sort, clean, and process thousands of photos, maps, documents, and memorabilia so that future generations will have access to their collective history.

Your purchase of our services helps pay for the housing of each piece of history. From acid-free envelopes to environmental control systems, we do it right. Help us to continue this worthwhile community work.

The Okanagan Archive Trust Society is directed by donors and historians. For over 30 years a loose-knit group of photographers, estate members, and collectors have pooled their resources to enable industry, publishers, and the public at large to access their material.

In 2005 OATS was incorporated and became charitable.

The most successful medium for access to Okanagan history is the website Designed with the retrieval program Archivos, the site rivals all other archive retrieval programs to provide easy viewing and easy ordering.

The Okanagan Archive Trust Society is a self-reliant public archive basing its operating budget on the sale of quality products and services.

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