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Columbia and Kootenay Steam Navigation Co
CPR S.S. Bonnington
CPR S.S. Kootenay
CPR S.S. Minto
CPR S.S. Rossland
Revelstoke Navigation Company
Tug Columbia
Tugs Elco I and Elco II
CPAL 005 | Tug Columbia, SS Minto, and SS Bonnington
CPAL 009 | Illecillewaet, S.S. Rossland and Trail at wharf
CPAL 030 | S.S Rossland, S.S. Bonnington and S.S. Minto
CPAL 031 | S.S. Rossland, S.S Minto and S.S Kootenay
CPAL 033 | S.S. Lytton at Arrowhead
CPAL 054a | The Marion and crew
CPAL 054b | The Crew of the Marion
CPAL 055 | S.S. Nelson and S.S. Trail
CPAL 062 | S.S. Columbia and S.S. Lytton
CPAL 063 | West Robson rail slip
CPAL 064 | Arrowhead town view
CPAL 065 | Sprout's Landing
CPAL 066 | Bulger's builders
CPAL 067a | Dredge Nakusp
CPAL 067b | Saunderson's family on Dredge Nakusp
CPAL 068 | Early dredge at wharf
CPAL 078 | Tug Whatshan with barge
CPAL 080 | Tug Yale and barge